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Water For Development

Alwazani River Is Abundant in water,and the wazani area is a deserted place lacking for many things such as schools,clinics,and even telecommunications.

Thatís why water for development program was founded in order to help and support people
living in the wazani area.

The aim of this project was to develop this area and the nearby villages,since people canít live without these essential basics of life .

Many interviews were done with people responsible for this program such as Mr.Kabalan Kabalan chairman of the southern Council.
The project now exists and covers lot of villages in south Lebanon.

The Johnson's agreement in 1959 said that:
"Lebanon's share of water / year is 35000,000 M3,but Lebanon didnít agree"

Lebanon is using about 9000,000 M3/year.

The project covers lots of villages in South Lebanon.


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