Summer Activities 2008

On first day of July 2008, Kamel Youssef Jaber Cultural and Social Center started its different summer activities for children aged between 4 and 18 years old.
The number of registered student reached to 1010 distributed over the following classes:

Music classes: the children in these classes are developing their musical talents on the instruments of their choice and learning the basics of musical theory. The instruments include the guitar, oud and piano vocal lessons are also offered. Importantly this class includes children with special needs ensuring the opportunity for them to pursuer their musical interests.

Drawing classes: The students in these classes are developing a number of materials at their disposal. The main goal is to give children the tools necessary for artistic expression and for cultivating their artistic talents.

Folk dance classes: If you want to discover a country you must learn of its heritage. Through these dances we aim to provide children with insight into their heritage by teaching them an important national tradition with a bigger view of fostering a sense of national identity and continuity.

Sport classes: The sports classes are very popular and are vital to our summer program. We offer basketball, football, gymnastics and ballet and view these as important for team-building and teamwork, as well as for developing skills and providing enjoyable activities for children.

In addition to the handmade activities which develop their sense and creativity through decorating

Computer and English classes: We offer classes in both English and IT and view them as indispensable tools for children in the 21st century.

Plays: Every Wednesday a play is performed for the young children. Most recently Maurice Mousalli's "Dream Seller" was staged in our auditorium and was a huge success among the audience. At the end of the show there was a raffle and many gifts were winners. These plays will continuously be staged every Wednesday at 5:30 pm until the end of August 2008.




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