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Land Mines

Child to child program was founded in order to give awareness to children about mines and its disadvantages on people.

It started with some interviews with injured people who were affected in a direct way by mines.
The Lebanese army participated in this program through giving awareness sessions at schools through plays .
Video shows.

We also participated in a letter that was held in a conference in Egypt prepared by our center Child to Child Land Mines Awareness.


We found out:

Total Number of victims in Lebanon is: 2734

1620 survived

1118 died

Most of them are children

The latest victim was:

6 year old


110 Million landmines

Distributed around 64 states

There  are 16 mines for every child

400,000 in Lebanon

38 % in the South

Raising awareness:

  2. Rules for self protection

  3. Plays & Video

  4. Save our environment , Save our children.

  5. Letters to Media Government officials Organizations




Land mines in our Environment

Last year we did:



Play taped on video.

Messages to the word.

This year:

Landmines in our Environment.

Awareness Campaign.




The National Evangelical School In Nabatieh.

Mohamed sweid A child who suffered from helping others . age 10 years. I was injured in the year 2002 while trying to demine some mines.

Now Iím not demining mines anymore,but Iím raising awareness among children in different school.

Performing our play in different schools to raise awareness.

Giving many lectures about mines.

Online discussion with students.

Plan to continue raising awareness during summer campings.


Painting competition

Questions and answers.

letters to NGOS organizations.




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