From city of Nabatieh South Lebanon.
Date of birth : 1951

Married to Miss Wafaa Mohamed Al Ali,
4 childrens : Kamel, Sara, Tamara, Nal.

Education : International College (until 1970),
American University of Beirut (1973).

Diplomas : B.A. in Economics and Business Administration.
While in AUB, served as a member of student council, and President of Business Students Association.

Career :

- Former Minister of Public Works and Transport (2004-2005),
- Former Minister of Economy and Trade (1995-1998),
- Member of Parliament of the South ( Nabatieh ) 1996 till todate.
- Member of Parliamentary Committee for Finance, and Committee
for Foreigns Affairs.
- President of Parliamentary Committee for the Lebanese-Japanese Friendship.
- President of Parliamentary Committee for the Lebanese-British Friendship.
- Member of Parliamentary Committee for the Lebanese-French Friendship.
- Head of the Committee for Economic, Financial, Social and Education Affairs in the Euro-Med Parliamentary Assembly representing the Lebanese Parliament.
- Head of the Lebanese Branch following the Arab Common Market within the Arab Parliamentary Assembly.
- Former member of steering committee for Beirut Stock Exchange.
- Former Board member of Casino du Liban.

- Founder and President of Kamel Jaber Cultural and Social Center in Nabatieh-
South Lebanon.
- President of Association for supporting public schools in Nabatieh region.
- Honorary President of Al-Ahli Football Club - Nabatieh.
- Chairman of Center Basketball Club Nabtieh.

- Member of Board of Trustees of Islamic Association for Higher Education and
scientific guidance.
- Member of Board of Directors of British-Lebanese Association in London.
- Former President of AUB Alumni Association (U.K.) (1992-1995).
- Vice President of Entrepreneurial training Foundation.
- Honorable Member of American Alumni Association of Lebanon.
- Member of Board of Trustees of American Community School - Beirut



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